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YouTube Growth 2016 & Why You Need A Channel

March 2, 2016 / no comments, on Blog

With YouTube growing at 137% each year, its easy to say YouTube could possibly be the biggest trend in Internet History. Last year (2015) YouTube announced that nearly 1/3 of the internet’s population were users of the site. This number has been projected to grow to 1/2 of all internet users, globally, use and watch YouTube. It is now the internet’s third most used search engine, behind Google and Yahoo. However, being that Google now owns YouTube, I foresee it growing to the number two spot very soon. YouTube also announced, this year, that there are hundreds of millions of hours worth of videos watched every day and billions of hours of videos uploaded every day. The website continues to surpass its competition by having those numbers trump all of the competition sites combined each year. YouTube growth in 2016 will be phenominal.

Its safe to say that creating your own YouTube Channel will not only grow your business, but it also stems as a second form of revenue for you or your company. After monetizing your videos, ads will pop up when a user clicks to watch your video and that, in turn, pays you for your advertisement. There are different factors in how much YouTube pays you for your advertising, but they posted in 2015 that the number of YouTubers making 6 figure incomes on their YouTube videos alone, was up 50 % from 2014. So, if you have good content and the right camera, you can make YouTube work to your income advantage in many ways. Even beauty YouTubers can get paid hundreds to thousands of dollars just for advertising a company’s products on a single video! Not bad for a few seconds of work.

I’m sure, eventually, nearly everyone on the internet will be using YouTube. Especially with this new visual based Generation saying they watch YouTube even when they are watching TV. That’s multitasking at its finest. Building and growing your very own YouTube channel will have plenty of advantages. With you can find everything you’ll need for your channel. We have hand picked the best products and with Amazon prices, you can rest assured we are the cheapest on the internet. Plus, we have plenty of experience in building channels to give you the best advice on building your  own channel and growing it to get the most out of your YouTube creations and getting more subscribers and views.

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